Montanita Ecuador

Over the Christmas holidays, we decided to visit Montanita as a place for the kids to surf and for all of to enjoy some quiet time at the beach.   I have to say that Ecuador was one of the cleanest countries I've ever visited in my life.  On our way from the airport tomorrow to month Anita, we drove through quite a bit of Guayaquil, which is the major city closest to Montanita with an international airport.  In our drive through the city, I personally didn't notice one piece of trash on the street throughout the whole city.  I don't know if its the amount of international investment happening or simply national pride but it was certainly impressive.

We found the people of Montanita very welcoming and friendly, even the regular flow of international tourists pouring through the city.   Most travelers we encountered were fro mother places in South Amerca or Europe, not many people from the US , which is one reason we picked it.  The other reason was economics, it being more expensive to fly to but much less expensive to visit than many places similar in climate and culture, such as Costa Rica.

The food and ambiance of the town was amazing during our stay there, full of lively performers and street vendors along with the usual amount of bars and hostels that you're likely to find in many towns of it's type and size.

as both a father and a traveler to many places, I would definitely return and would love to spend more time exploring and enjoying the surrounding areas.

If you ever have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me, I love to hear from other travelers experiencing the world beyond their comfort zone.