Travel Essentials

As a result of recently being caught in México without a few things that I needed, I thought I'd work on my list of travel items that I shouldn't leave home without-

- high-capacity battery phone charger - this is the one I use:

- 1 or 2 movies downloaded to either my laptop or phone

- a kindle loaded with some interesting reading and/or a book or two to pass the time

- lightweight rain jacket

- backup SD card and reader if your devices require them

- All previous images/videos/data downloaded and removed from necessary media

- multiple phone charging cables

- high protein snack bars

- headphones (whether you want to listen to music or simply be left alone in a crowded place, they can be invaluable)

Now remember, some of these things can be found in different parts of the world but if you need something and can't get to somewhere to purchase it, that's irrelevant...